Monday, 20 April 2020

Good evening families,

Welcome back to Term 2! Whether your children will be at home or on campus, we are excited to return to school and see your children. We pray you had a great break with your families.

Until 22 May, Queensland children have been encouraged to stay home and learn from home if they can. If however, due to your families’ circumstances, this is not possible, Brisbane Christian College will love and support your children on campus.

It is critical for the safety of our community that our children and team stay home if they have a temperature over 37.5 or they are unwell.

To support families that may be unable to take their child’s temperature at home, and to increase the safety of our community, all students and teams attending school from Tuesday, 21 April will have their temperature checked upon arrival.

To that extent, we are introducing Health Stations on campus for each child to check into as they arrive each morning. This provides an opportunity for our team to greet our children, sanitise their hands and have their temperature checked. Anyone showing signs they are unwell or who have a temperature above 37.5 will be asked to return home to rest and return to school when their temperature is normal and they don't have any cold or flu symptoms.

The College will be using non-contact thermal thermometers to quickly check the temperature of each child as they arrive on campus or board a College bus.

On the Primary School Campus, the health stations will be located at:
  • Blue road walkway for Years Prep to Year 1
  • The main gate entrance for Years 2 to 5.

On the Middle and Secondary School Campus, the health station will be located:
  • At the Uniform Shop (near the H Block pedestrian gate)

We ask that parents, when dropping off students, to not leave your child/ren onsite without ensuring they have passed the temperature benchmark. We thank you for your understanding as we take this measure to help ensure that Brisbane Christian College is a safe environment for our community.

School Attendance
It is our expectation that children learning from home in Prep to Year 8, would be engaged in the learning program for some portion of every day. Our Prep to Year 8 Home Learning Model has been established to ensure our parents have as much flexibility as possible, and our Years 9-12 children will follow their normal timetable. If for any reason your child is unwell or not participating in the learning from home program, please follow normal school protocol and contact the school with an explanation on 3719 3170. This will also help our pastoral care teams identify any families who may need extra practical support.

School Uniform
For children attending school on campus, there are no changes to the requirement to wear the school uniform. For children learning from home, the school free dress day policy applies.

Do not stress about schoolwork
Our teaching team is committed to loving and supporting your children on their learning adventure, today, tomorrow and until they graduate. During this season please have fun, create memories with your children and allow them to work at their own pace. Encourage and champion your children to be life-long learners and simply try their best. We pray for God’s creativity, wisdom, presence and peace to fill your home.

Richest Blessings,
The College Management Team

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